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this is a video I made of my cave man tools or whatever they are .the video is not made very well.obviously its real long if you dont want too watch the hole thing atleast check out the ones toward the end.If these all happened naturally then I must be crazy :) before you respond negativeley make sure you watch the whole thing or you must not be very smart thanx


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Hate to rain on your parade, but I could go down pretty much any major wash here in AZ, and by the end of the day have a P/U load of those same exact rocks you show in your video.

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I watched , Mel, and just saw a bunch of nice eroded rocks.

I suppose one, or a few, could have, at one time, been on the end of a handle or used as a scraper or some other tool. NOthing to write home about or too out of the ordinary to warrant close attention by an archeologist. Stone tools are scattered all over the country.

And it's hard to visualize without knowing what any particular rock( or tool) was used for( or how).

If you like them, that's all that matters.


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It would be easier for everyone here to watch your video if we didn't have to go to YouTube to watch it, it says that "Playback on other websites has been disabled by video owner" and to go to YouTube to watch it. :idunno:

That being said here's a video worth watching to help identify stone tools, please note that most if not all of the stone tools shown in this video have not changed very much or been damaged badly from when the time they were made centuries ago, many even still have a very sharp edge if they were made with a sharp edge with only maybe a few chips off the edge, stone tools do not wear out very quickly even after being used for many years, if they do wear or break to not be usable the user would reface them most of the time, a lot of time was put into finding the very best stone to make tools from and not to mention the time put in to make them, the tools were used until they were completely worn out or so badly broken as not to be repairable/refaced, so they weren't discarded that often, lost maybe but not discarded, many stone tools didn't' have a sharp edges because they were made to smash or break items such as someone's or an animal's head/skull or to get the marrow out of the bones of game animals, pound food into finer substance such as grain into a flour of sorts, work other stone, etc., so most stone tools are easily recognizable for what they are, not to much guess work identifying them when they are found if they are indeed stone tools.

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I keep a wide angle lens on my video camera all the time. It doesn't matter if zooming in close on a colorful flower or nothing in particular....everything turns out nice sharp clear full of color. Right video mode might make a difference sometimes, but lens is more important for me.

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Im like a blonde headed hillbilly the way I post stuff huh?thanks for hanging in there and trying to understand.your all an easy going bunch around here:)

And az blackbird your absolutely right about getting a truck load of them from a wash thats just where I got them only I didnt have truck I toted them home in my

wagon or on my bike.The fact that there is so many of them really has got me into some deep thinking.heres where Im at >>>Knowing someone made these to be used for some reason and the large quanity of them made me believe that we dont know diddely squat about are past and that we {us humans}have been on this planet forever and the world is turning itself inside out and these here stones came deep up out of the earth from where not too long ago the earth has been deeply excavated into. above. my getting spot .in the wash. right up theres about by that government facility on 7th st and deervalley. theres nothing in the wash above the place matter a fact theres bareley a wash above it.and these rocks up outta there aint even native to this area.its all on google earths history .it is.its a little disturbing that on one hand cave men existence is really exciting too alot of folks yet the ones who should be interested those archeolagists . well they have history written so deep in stone that they wont even have an open enough mind to look into reality. :)

that there is afact Ill never understand and Im here to tell you anyoone who says things we know are fact of the matterly the truth bottom of the line well those folks are sadly mistaken because gods the only one who knows everything in this world new stuff is exposing itself up out of the earth everyday. :) heck up in the

petrified wood forest up north just the otther day they discovered an ancient civilization its all on the news:)by the large amount of these altered stones there is alot more about our past then we learned in school.a couple things that i cant figure out though is the fact that there should be more human bones butt then again they werent made of long lasting rock no one knows and another thing is the different nature of the making of these tools they definently werent all knapped or pecked some had an actual thick coating of some glossy black stuff smoothing out the course surface of the stone itself stuff you can scratch off or wares off in the wash

the proof is in the pudding if someone would look into it someone booksmart with a degree :) butt I have given up on that ever happening and its quite a shame it would make a fine subject to study for up and coming youngsters making there career out of that topic.I just ran into this old video of mine and thought I would run it by yall Ihate to have them all to myself such interesting things,and again Ive got to say if I was a better video maker it would be alot more easy to identify so thaks for watchen and reading all this and taking time out to respond i appreciate the attention :} best wishes

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and you know weaver hillbilly all those photos at that great link you posted werent there when i first started my looking into it like 2 photos was all they had on there and know more and more keep getting dug up all the time yep ever want to know whats deep in the ground somewhere go down below one of those facilities you will be amazed

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Which rocks in particular and what do you mean by , "ain't even native", Mel?

:th: ANd when was the last time you talked to

"Doctor JOnes"-an archeologist?

WHat's so hard to believe about old stone hand tools and rocks in the desert? Some of the smaller ones could be sized for childrens hands.

Last I heard, archeologists were in agreement that there are such things.

Give us the benefit of the doubt- we can't see your collection[ the picture and audio quality of your video :2mo5pow: ] . I'm sure that will improve

We are really blind to the beauty and details that you can see.

What am I missing :200: ...

and these rocks up outta there aint even native to this area.its all on google earths history .it is.its a little disturbing that on one hand cave men existence is really exciting too alot of folks yet the ones who should be interested those archeolagists . well they have history written so deep in stone that they wont even have an open enough mind to look into reality. :)

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what facility(ies)?

or are you talking about a tunneling project somehwere? YOu mentioned 7th and Deer Vly...

yep ever want to know whats deep in the ground somewhere go down below one of those facilities you will be amazed

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I see no evidence that any of these are or were stone tools. Many, if not all of these, appear to be the same rocks you posted pictures of before. You ignored our opinions then, and appear to be ignoring them now.

The process by which you are trying to "prove" your hypothesis is a flawed one called, "confirmation bias." What you have done is to reach a conclusion first, and now you are trying to gather evidence to support your conclusion. You are also completely ignoring evidence which refutes your hypothesis. People who use these tactics while in school never get their doctorates. People in the scientific community who use these tactics will never see a paper published in a peer reviewed journal, and will often be excluded from any real projects in the future.

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I live on a site, partially where an Indian village once stood, more ancient stuff near it. There is no way even start beginning to catalog all the various types of altered stones. This is private land, but in the western states, federal land is supposed to be off limits to artifact collecting. Artifacts usually, Indian stuff will be near food and water but on good ground.

I'm proud of my bow string groove chisel scraper, most unique bird style.






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You can find a lot of odd stuff too. Holey stones, a hoe, flint pendant, a carved amphibole called glaucophane.






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Good stuff RD. Reminds me of the farm site I was raised on in Okla.

Your right about good ground near food and water.

Thanks for the post

Yeah, I've got a couple broken spear points which would have been an awesome find, except the garden tiller damaged them beyond hope. The best one don't have any photos of yet, only the tip is broke off.






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