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Unique/Odd nugget

Ron (CA)

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This one recently popped out and I quickly noticed the odd striations (leaf pattern) on the one side (18 grains)

I am assuming this is simply the "mold" of the host rock that it was in.

Thought it looked like a leaf of some sort.

Sorry camera doesn't take the best super macro shots.



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That's a cool one, I have found some of those myself all the ones I have found have been in that range of size, typically small pieces. Put it under a micro and its AMAZING the patterns and shapes that become visible. Congrats on your find....Here's one of mine, it has vertical striations and on bottom has them going horizontal. Amazes me the variety of gold we can find in California.


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Very Nice Ron California has some great crystallized gold.

Here is one of my favorite finds. Eugene mountains, Nev.

It has chevroning on all sides. I put the the rose gold bail on it. almost wish I didn't. :cry2:

Its one of my keepers. AzNuggetBob





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Thanks for the offer El D

I could pull it myself. Im just trying to decide, cut it off or heat it and pull it.

the hard part is going to be matching the surface texure. its hard to see in the photo's but it has

a buff/etch surface on the nugget. I may have to acid etch it where the bail was? what do you think.


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It is one of the best I've found as far as almost no wear and character. anyway sometimes they pop up out of nowhere in-between normal nuggets? Id bet there from the top of an outcrop.

your claims are in the right area of Nev for chevron gold along the same trend. :) I think it just a matter of time before you find one. good luck. AzNuggetBob

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