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Injured While Prospecting? I did it today and I am lucky.

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Take it from Bob Dylan folks...

"Young people can be passionate. Older people gotta be more wise," he said. "I mean, you're around awhile, you leave certain things to the young. Don't try to act like you're young. You could really hurt yourself."



You are correct there, Slim. Day before yesterday, my sister, going to be 65 in June, got on a trampolin (spl.?)

with her grandkids....surgery is being scheduled today for later this week. She came down, to all the way down. Broke tibia, and tore one of the cruciate ligaments. "Gotta be more wise"....



Not trying to hijack, but D. Slim's post urged me to post as it was so fitting.

Please excuse.

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You are right on point. This thread is about avoiding injury and telling others how you might have been injured.

That guy with the snakes is some sort of exception to all rules. It should/could be a separate thread and it would be fine.


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Dropped a largish quartz rock on top of my right foot about 1.5 years ago, been to the dr's twice. Nothing shows up on Xray but still sore as hell to the touch. It's weird going to the Dr's anymore as they look at you as if you are just there for pain meds. Last thing I want is meds. I want to know if it is broke and how to fix it.

Only 62 and have many miles left and don't want to spend them with a foot that feels broke. Unfortunately I think I will be.

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Jack, hairline fractures can be very difficult to find, same with very small chips....if you can, insist on the best diagnostic tool for that purpose.

Sometimes time really is the only healer....

The only bone I ever have broke was while nugget hunting, slipped and thought I just twisted my middle finger(which I need for sign language). It kept hurting so after two weeks I went and got an xray-too late it had already set and I still cannot bent that finger all the way...(which does not affect the sign language)


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Hey Fred

Is that sign language finger used for just two words? :4chsmu1:

Last July when I was up in northern Nevada I cut my foot and came back early. Still trying to figure out why me the diabetic with bad nerve damage was barefoot. Live and learn I guess.

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I could write a book! anyone spending time out will take a fall or two and as most of us get older it will take longer to recover .I mean you try to be safe and take it easy,but still it can get you.Was detecting and got hot,I became dizzy so i turned around to catch my breath.I was at the top edge of the railroad berm it was very high in this area,lost my balance and thought i could take one step down to catch myself>>>Wrong down the hill i went.Got going fast real quick,doing good till i hit bottom which hyper exstended my knees still thought i could run it out.Stepped on a rock twisted a ankle and that sent me to the ground.I slid into some mesquite trees,all the time trying to save the detector.Ended up breaking the handle off.Came out better than it could of both me and my detector.Three years ago and still nursing the ankle post-26859-0-41710900-1422426582_thumb.j post-26859-0-42336800-1422426656_thumb.j It been a year since i fell and broke my wrist still healing so be careful everyone out there and good luck >>>>SWING ON KELLY

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From what I've heard with broken extremity bones- if you don't go to the doc pronto it won't do you much good to go later. I htink it has to do with the break's ability to stitch back together. It can[heal] if and only if the break is splinted/supported by a cast , properly, so that it is immobile.

If you get around to ignoring it ,all you do, roughly speaking, is generate a new finger or toe "joint" at that break. I have such "joints" in one foot. I find good stiff boots( midsole shank) offer lots of support for my cranky feet.

Unless you're up for surgery-xrays that don't show didly are no help.

I can help row- in the same boat. Wandering around a dark house in stocking feet can be hazardous to your health when pinky toes meet immovable object :tisk-tisk::2mo5pow::tisk-tisk::2mo5pow::tisk-tisk::2mo5pow::2mo5pow: I don't need slippery rocks outdoors to put myself down. I can do it in the comfort of my own home :brows:

How to fix? Heal with good food, sunshine or xtra VitD, Citrus/Vit C,, veggies, milk for the Ca, P, and plenty of OMega 3's through legumes or grass fed meat /wild salmon or good fish oil supplement couple grams daily.

I want to know if it is broke and how to fix it.

Only 62 and have many miles left and don't want to spend them with a foot that feels broke. Unfortunately I think I will be.

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:brows: Because stickers are too hard to pull out of socks.

... Still trying to figure out why me the diabetic with bad nerve damage was barefoot. Live and learn I guess.

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Well sadly as we-all get older it becomes harder to do what was once simple.

Best to be careful and avoid taking chances while out prospecting... that

I know as a small twinge I felt while field testing the Fisher Gold Bug Pro

became the beginning of using canes, crutches, walkers, wheeled walkers and

even to a wheelchair. This was back in December 2009 and just a few days later

in January 2010 due to osteoarthritis and also osteoporosis I'm still with

limited mobility... so all of you... Be careful out there... jim

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This country (Brazil) had/has a lot of shallow gold veins. The Portuguese came in here about 200 years ago with their slaves and they traveled North from San Paulo and Rio de Janerio by rivers.

I find many of the holes they left where they took out the quartz bearing gold. Many times the remaining holes are about two feet wide and two feet deep.

Their tailing piles from willioning are usually about 3-4 feet high and scattered over a large area.

Some of the tails are 8-10 feet high and cover acres.

I nearly always find gold in the tails that is embedded in rock that the slaves couldn't see. Some of the problems are the trees and brush that have over grown the area. Some of the more recent problems are the hornets, fire ants, snakes and scorpions.

I always try to drive as close to the tails as possible and much of the time that means some rough 4 x 4 work.

Seven years ago I was working some of the 8' spoils that had a slope of around 50-60°, all gravel and rock. 40 miles from the house and after a couple of hours beeping I was getting a little tired after using my pick stuck in the ground for support when the pick tore loose and down hill I went. Don't know what was in the air more, my head or my hip pockets!

When I stopped at the bottom I still had my detector in my right hand, unbroken. Not so lucky with the left hand. The little finger and the one next to it had the bones sticking out. A lot of blood in my glove so I put it back on and headed for the truck. Luckily no more than about 200 yards away. Found some black electrical tape in my tool box and with the glove back on I taped the two fingers inside the glove and headed home.

The worse part was the mile or so of 4 x 4 slow going but everything worked out ok.

Got to the house and washed the hand with some really good liquid soap and then used some bandage material after putting the bones back inside. The wife was having a fit about me going to the hospital and seeing a Doc. but he would have done the same thing I did and I would have had to pay him $200.00 for the visit.

After that I had a new pick made with a longer pick on it!

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Fixed it for you :brows:

... after putting the bones back inside. I then opened a rifle cartridge and dumped the powder out into the ragged opening where the bones had poked through- and lit it with my cigarillo to cauterize the wound

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Nope illegal to own a gun here.

Smelled my share of burned flesh, sure don't like it on me.

Just did what I had to to get home and then saved $200.00 bucks.

Next chapter I'll tell you about the 1" long black ants whose venom is more powerful than a rattle snakes. Came close to paralyzing my leg.

Or maybe how "fire ants" get their name.

"Snowflake" doesn't know how lucky he was not stepping on that "ant eater".

Even luckier was El Dorado walking through the breakfast scraps of a mountain lion.

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A friend smashed my finger with a boulder up on Dog Creek here in Shasta county. Looked just like a beautiful red rose with 1/4" of bone sticking out in the middle. Dirty rag and a newspaper plastic bag to contain all the blood and off I go for a 45 minute ride to the ER. You get great service when ya walk in covered in blood with a bag of blood taped on your hand. Lotza stitches but dredging the next day. Wore a tight finger cot stuffed full of neosporin to keep it out of dirty creek water. Could NOT leave that righteous paystreak full of astounding wire gold and nuggets. Great scar and what a ride to town-John

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