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Injured While Prospecting? I did it today and I am lucky.


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Well, I guess it is just a matter of time before 'something' happens to us out there swinging.

Today I was on a slope of maybe 15-20% grade with some little gullies. I had my 5000 with an round 18" NF. My pick was in my left hand. The slope was a mix of hard, soft, wet and dry. My right foot hit a spot which thousands of times before gives, slips or sinks so that I can control it but this time was different.

My foot hit this patch and it was slick. The shoe slipped, I slipped and went down sitting on my right leg. The shoe caught up, my knee bent so that my ankle hit my butt and then it released. The fall didn't hurt my back but pinned my foot long enough to scare me. I was wondering how bad this was going to be. Was I going to break something or tear up my knee? All of this in a split second or so.

Once on the ground I stretched out the right leg and just sat wondering what was going to hurt and how much. I didn't yell out to my wife who was near because I didn't want to scare her. I sat on the ground for 2 or 3 minutes before I attempted to get up. I knew I was lucky. I could have felt my knee ripped up but it wasn't. My ankle was stiff but manageable. I hobbled a little and detected a bit before I told my wife I was going back to the car.

I couldn't walk up the slopes or get any lateral pressure. It was beginning to hurt but I still knew I was lucky. I could have been broken and unable to walk. The pick could have hit me in the back of the head as I went to the ground.

Now that I am home I have put ice on it and had some ibuprofen. It is swollen and will take a few weeks to be 'better' but I am lucky.

Have you been injured while detecting?

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I need to add this as a separate event.

When I got home and I took off my shoes and socks I put my foot up on a pillow to look at the damage. My wife was looking at it with me and then she saw an ant on my ankle.

She started grabbing at the ant! To hell with my ankle, she wanted to kill the ant. She tried to smash it against my hurting ankle.

We both laughed at her impulse. What is more important? An ankle or an ant?


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Once I was walking around a bend on a very narrow shelf. I got to one part of it where you literally had to hug the mountain and lean forward all you could to keep from falling off of it. I was something like 100 ft up and knew one booboo could mean death. The section that was narrow couldn't have been much more then 7 ft long. I thought 7 ft, that's nuttin, I can make it. Wishful thinking on my part. I got into the walk around about 3 ft and thought, oh God, I have to sneeze...you guessed it. Down I went over jagged rocks and boulders. Right before I hit bottom, I woke up. :brows:

Sorry about your ankle MN.

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Once I was out with my uncle, and Shep, I passed out, don't know for how long, when I came to, I did not know where I was, I was bloody and I stated walking, I walked for 6 miles, finally I came to hwy 49. Then I knew where I was, a friend picked me up and Shep and my uncle had been looking all over for me, It was getting dark, my friend went up the hill found my Uncle and Shep. I still get dizzy and pass out sometimes,, This was not too long after I had a TIA, or mini stroke. Scarry. Grubstake

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Today turns out not to be so bad. I can hobble and with ibuprofen the swelling is down but it seems my knee suffered more than my ankle.

Time to give it a rest.

Weaver, yes, time for some new boots I think. The ones I am using now have lasted 3 seasons.

Grubby, thanks for your story. We sometimes get separated from our hunting partners.

It reminds me that we have radios but we haven't been using them. We will now.

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  • Glad to hear its not too bad.
  • Yup. I did the same slid/splat on your butt thing also.
  • Folded my right leg up.
  • Slowly got up and everything worked, but it was sore the next day.
  • Now days when I get into spots, I look at them and try and figure the easiest, safest way around them. Even if its the longer way.
  • Remember when we used to run and jump and splat and laugh about it?
  • Oh well, beats the alternative :)

    Tom H.

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Yup,... you can hurt yerself vacuuming up the house too. :old:
Flipped the quad last season at 62 yrs old broke a rib in my back got all beat along with the broken rib an snapped my shaft on the detector. Good thing a new found friend had an xtra shaft with him to loan me.
Made it back to camp grabbed a couple control box covers with Velcro stuck em together an used them for compression for the rib got my senses back an went back out an found a few nuggets that day.
We had just started the wifes weeks vacation an she wanted to find nuggets sooo bad I couldn't ruin the trip for her an call it quits.
Turned out I took her to an area where she found her 2 largest ones and I ended up with 12 nuggets that week and a lot of "sore" time doin it. :yesss:
That wasn't the 1st time I'd been "beat up" :cry2: in the field an probably won't be the last.
Its the nature of the game. Like Artic Dave said.
What ya wanna always be aware of are 2 biggies out there,....Damm swarmin pack of bees AND rattlers. either one of those two will definitely ruin yer day.
Hapy Huntn :D

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I was thinking of your flip when I was writing the entry. Based upon what your experience had been on the way back I was moving more slowly than before. I thought for sure I would find a nugget as I drug myself back to the car.

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EPSON salts and warm water works miracles. My go to for many years. The new Icy/hot tens unit is a great pain reliever also. Ribs/shoulders/knees good for all. Take care as we don't heal like we used to,for that matter nothing does :old: John

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Rolled my ankle over a rock one time about 500 yards from the Van. The 10 minute walk took me about a hour. Buy time I got there debooted and had a look it was all black. No Bones Broke just a Sprain. If I was a little further from the van I may had been Camping out. Yep, Stupid being alone. I'll never do it again.

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Take it from Bob Dylan folks...

"Young people can be passionate. Older people gotta be more wise," he said. "I mean, you're around awhile, you leave certain things to the young. Don't try to act like you're young. You could really hurt yourself."

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