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Great day at LSD


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Hey all:
Welp, got out today. Dad and I met up with Shay, Adam, and Boulderdash in a wash that we had gotten some gold out of in the past. The monsoons sure changed things around. Lots on new exposed bedrock.

I was using the 5000 and was able to snag a .6 gram nug at 6 inches deep. Barely heard that one.

BD and Shay were some digging fools!
They were placering and beeping with the GB2s.

BDs is the pic with the red cap and Shay got some really nice ones in the other pic.

It was a awesome day out. Weather was fantastic, out with friends and the good Lord blessed us with some gold :) don't get much better!

Heres a link to BD popping a nug out.


Tom H.





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I'm tired..All added up to a gram though!

Thanks guys for a great day!


I bet your tired!

You did a lot of digging today. :)

I owe you a buck :grr01:

Tom H.

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I can feel your pain Bill as my back goes out now more than I get to. That'll teach me to volunteer for enviro projects and never really healed and shots were a very expensive joke. Great TINY :tisk-tisk: gold finds guys,amazing what can be found now a days-John

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Seems like there was some handstacking too.

Oops forgot that pic


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