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Ok all:
Here's the info on the outing in March.

March 13-15

Bring your own food and drinks.

There will be a potluck on Sat night at 5PM

I will put a sign (see pic) in the fire pit that we will

be gathering around.

It will be at Jackass flats about a half mile west of Castle hot springs road.

See maps.

I would suggest this year to get a permit as we are camping on State land and I guess they are checking.

The number for it is 602-542-2119

This is a great time to get together with all the guys and gals that hunt gold, meet new friends, meet old friends and just have a great time.

Hope to see you all there.

Bill will put up a head count post so just reply to that one if your going to make it.

If you have any questions just shoot me a PM

Tom H.




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I'm not sure how safe I would feel. The last time I got together with some "Valley Folks", my toilet got run over by a hit and run driver !! And it wasn't insured !!

So when you see me roaming around with a 5-gallon bucket in my hand, I won't be prospecting for gold, but looking for a suitable spot........

Patrick .....

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I'm sure you know just who the culprit is that ran over your privy. Just put that five gallon bucket in front of his vehicle and let him run over it. ( Full of course) :idunno:

Old Tom

Jackass Flats is the place to be come March, be there or be square.

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Got 2 big bags of 'nuts' for weekend. Oh, you're talking bout next month. Be at Q next weekend and LSD next month , I guess w/ more.


Good luck to you down there at the Q ! :)

Look forward to meeting up again...ive got nuts too! :P

Tom H.

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Bill says that they are starting to get nicky-picky about permits on state land so I am starting a group permit for the camp out at LSD. Each rooster is for 19 people and the cost is $15.00. If you want to get on my rooster I will need your full name and phone number. That's all they require for the rooster. You can pay me a buck when and if you catch me at the outing. I will be going down to the office of land management the week before as it takes too long by snail mail, so get your names to me ASAP. Any one who wants to apply individually Google Az State Land Dept permits

Old Tom

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Hello Wise One.

Sign us up please.

Patrick Hopkins


Thomas "Shep" Sherphard


Tell what's his name that I'm bringing land mines to surround my toilet !!

Patrick .....

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