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Well I finally got it. Been tossing it around for 2 years if I wanted to get it from my friend or not. He had a prospecting store here in elko a few years back. So he had it as a carry over when he closed the doors. My son stole my gb2 so I needed another vlf. Got it for 250 bucks and need to find a DD coil for chasing gold. Anyone here use one for prospecting who might have a few tips on chasing nuggets with one? Never been a whites owner. Thanks everyone.

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The MXT is an exceptionally good VLF gold finder. Properly tuned it can find gold flakes as small as 1/2 grain. It's 14 kHz operating frequency enables it to be used in highly mineralized soil where higher frequency VLF's require substantial gain reduction to operate. Operate in the prospecting mode, SAT at the beginning of the higher pitched zone, gain as high as soil conditions will allow, tracking on. When pinpointing don't stop the coil over the target; be sure to pass the coil off of the target site with each sweep. Don't ignore faint, repeatable signals; dig 'em. Hope this helps. HH Jim

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Them are the first settings I'll try Jim. Thank you very much. I am surprised how sensitive the stock coil is to small gold. Not bad for a coin type coil. Buried a few small nuggets and it was pretty sensitive to them. Great info, thank you.

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