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Global Warming My Hinnie!


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Not having a TV I guess I missed the memo of THE S WORD this morning. 31F with 18MPH winds and boy does the wind have Teeth. At least a inch of S Word on the Ground and coming down sideways.. LOL Any one want to hit Camp Cody?

Colorado is the Blame. Yep sending there nasty stuff down here. http://hint.fm/wind/

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You're right Homefire, I used to wear woolen Carharts tied at the ancle so that the wind didn't go up the legs. A hood with a scarf tied around my ears and of course woolen long johns. There was no shelter from the elements up the poles where the cable that I worked on ran. The only problem was working with gloves on.

Old Tom

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I wouldn't move north to avoid the "heat" :grr01: , just yet.


ANd "warming" :grr01: is slowing the rise of the oceans.


:thumbsupanim Obama's climate change plans blocked by Supreme's.


It's all about the money.


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