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Questions on where to hunt for a noob.

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So I have been doing some research but have been stumped on two parts.

1. Can you find meteorites anywhere? Or only known strewn fields and what not? Meaning Can I have a decent chance of finding one as long as I pick ideal terrain?

2. Where can I hunt, as far as i can see your not allowed to hunt anywhere. Some require permits others strictly forbidden.....So where can a person go and do this without fear of getting into trouble?

Im in Prescott AZ and figured I could just find some good ol abandon desert land and take the family out, but now that im reading this is impossible. Are there any land I can hunt on without trying to contact higher ups and pay for permits? Me and the wife like to take mini day trips and go hunting.

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Known strewnfields are a good place to start.
Meteorites can be anywhere.
Ideal terrain ???? Whats that ??? For some like me its getting to be flatter or smoother ground.
Because I'm gettn old an the rocks an hills "hurt".
To me ideal terrain is anywhere that you can access the ground without a lot of overgrowth.
Get yourself a county land use map of the areas your interested in. They will show you BLM , PRIVATE, STATE, AND OTHER DESIGNATED AREAS.
most all BLM lands you can take a walk, picnic, rockhound , chase butterflies etc. Unless you see any postings stating otherwise.
Try to make itto an outing get together at an area that is also a strewnfield like Gold Basin , Franconia, Holbrook. Then at the same time you get to meet some of us nuts that have been doin this stuff for awhile and chat and get some pointers an that's a good way to get "started".
Good luck an Hapy Huntn
Im sure some others will chime in here with some info for ya.

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So looking at this map what is BLM land? what qualifies?

The yellow color indicated on the index as "Bureau of Land Management". Any old surface without a lot of overgrowth is a good place to look.

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Nature throughs Sky rocks all over the Earth. There just easer to find in some places then others. Dry Lake Beds . Artic. Open Flat Deserts. Just to name a few.

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Right on mike ill do that for sure gonna take a bit to get one though. Me and my buddy are going out all day tomorrow. Mine says its VLF and I read on a walkthrough here thats a good sign it will pick up meteorites, is this correct? it picked up plenty of hotrocks and coke from an old train so im assuming its sensitive enough. Man I really hope to fine one soon. I live pretty far away from a known strewn feild so im hoping to just find some on some old ground.

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