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today's hunt on the bikes


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Man it was a blast out there today!
After a 30 yr break from dirt bikes I forgot how much fun it was :)

My body is telling me otherwise right now though :nutty:
Great times :yesss:

That was awesome that you found that nug and gave me a shot at finding some too.

I just added to my bullet/tin collection.

I burnt one of my pieces tonight and its cool.

Turns into a copper colored blob and burns with a blue flame.

Smells like poop though :4chsmu1:

Tom H.

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Always dirty Yeah I'm going to bring mine in March too we would be a cool gang I think there will be several of us there with them hopefully we can find time to go for a ride.

Thanks Adam. This was my biggest piece out there I was very surprised when I saw it in the scoop.

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It's probably sulfer but I have a chunk of similar looking rock that my dad found in the Arizona desert back in the early 1960's. It's yellow cake uranium! Makes a Geiger counter scream. This was back when the government was buying uranium.

Digger Bob

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I have a Coffee can of BLACK Urbanite here. Low level but it will make a Florescent lite tube spark once in a while.

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There's a number of patches in the LSD area that give a strong sulfur or sulfide smell ... Some of the good gold areas in the Klamath Mountains have the same feature... Sulfur is a good indicator! ... Cheers, Unc

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