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1 year shy of silver today


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Hey all:
Welp, dad and I went out today looking at new areas.

Hit the washes and found some really great bullet fragment catching bedrock.

In one wash there was a old IBM computer that took the 5 inch floppys on the front. Guess I could have

hauled it back and gotten the gold off the circuit boards? Pretty heavy though.

Up a trib I found a 1965 quarter. Go figure...how does this stuff get back in there?
At first I thought it was silver due to the tarnish and I couldn't see the date, after cleaning it up though it turned out to be 1965, dern it....one year shy.

Great day out though.
Tom H.

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Gee Tom .. Was that computer an old PC25? ... that was the model of my first desktop machine and it ran on those 5" floppy's! My younger son stayed home one day when I had that PC ... when I got home he had it all in pieces on a table! I tried not to be mad but made a strong suggestion he get it back together pronto! Inside of an hour it was up and running again! That started Eric's computer education and he is my go to guru even to this day.


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I bet those boards do have gold on them, my buddy in Colorado bought a stack of old computers from a junk yard for $100 and got a 1/2 oz from them! He was using some pretty harsh chemicals to extract and I think he lost a few brain cells in the process.

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