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Jar of gold, southern motherload


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Man. That is a awesome find for sure :)
Tom H.

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Wow! What a great find. I really enjoyed the video. Skeptical=? Tery, you have no idea what is out there in the motherload. I would be willing to bet there are thousands more like it out there to be found.

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Good video ... enjoyed it and it must have been a real hoot when they discovered the bottle had gold in it ... IRON TARGET ... don't want to dig it? ... maybe you passed up one of these! Believe the video or not ... All things are possible as all things have been buried at some point in time ... The rub is that they were hidden to secure them from looters ... the owners either forgot the location or died before recovering it! ... our gain is the opportunity to find one of these caches! Good luck boys and girls!

Mike F

Edited by Mike Furness
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Stories of finding caches like that pop up every now and then. I think they are

true stories but what I would find more interesting would be the stories of how

and why those caches were put there in the first place. Shannon Poe has a good

reputation and I see no reason to doubt his truthfulness in this video. JMO

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