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Question about larger coils?


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Hello everyone, I've been really happy with my Garrett ATX. I recently purchased the 8in mono to go with stock coil. My best find is a 10.2 gram nugget that was about a foot down. The area I am in has plenty sub gram nuggets, a few in the 1-4 gram range the gold district I am in has had some oz size nuggets found. My question is I am thinking of getting the deepseeker ATX coil. What kind of "performance" ability am I to expect with a larger coil? Overburden ranges from less than a foot to 5+. Will it allow me to find the 1-4gram nuggets a little deeper than stock coil? Or only allow me to find those really large nuggets 3 foot or so deep? Not sure if its worth the money. Thanks for all replies!

Happy New Years Chris

Found over 2oz last year, have a goal of over 3 this!!

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Hi Chris, Rule of thumb on coils....the larger the coil the deeper the finds on large gold and is less sensitive to small gold at depth ( depending on ground conditions and variables). not saying large coil won't find small gold. also small coil is more sensitive to small gold in sub grain size but also can find large gold,( depending on ground condition and variables) but stays sensitive to smaller nuggets and is more adaptable in tighter quarters. Weather ATX, MXT, Gold Bug, GP3500,GPX5000 coils are a matter of preference on type of ground and terrain conditions and if gold is being found at depth or is shallow. Always good to have both large and small coils in your arsenal of coils. so do you buy a large coil For your ATX ?? Think about what you are probably missing.


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bsb from your description of the area as having plenty of sub gram nuggets in the 1-4 gram range I believe your stock coil and the 8" mono will be your best bet.

If you go to the big coil your not going to improve your depth on the small stuff. If larger nuggets have been found at depth in the past then go for the bigger coil.

I run 18" and up coils probably more than most folks and Fred gave you the receipt for success with them. Low and Slow! Dig every signal.

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Chris, it is not always true that a larger coil goes deeper than a smaller one. A circumstance which tends to limit the maximum depth potential of a larger coil is that a larger coil "sees" more soil (width and depth) and thus consequently also "sees" MORE soil mineralization. Since higher levels of soil mineralization can adversely affect the detector's operating stability, it thus follows that "seeing" TOO MUCH soil mineralization may cause the circuitry to "overload." In most cases this overload situation can be easily be cured by a reduction in gain (power). But here is the unhappy trade off: if, while using a larger coil, you have to reduce the gain to restore stability you negate the greater depth potential of the larger coil. Less power means less depth, thus the only advantage of the larger coil may be greater ground coverage. Suggestion: use your machine and it's current coil to the fullest potential possible, and concentrate on listening for those faint signals which indicate small or deep targets, which have a greater chance of being the Most Happy Yellow Metal. Hope this helps; HH Jim

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