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Rat Hole Mine AZ


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Interesting read while researching quartz reef mining;

A 1901 article in the Arizona Republican described the accidental discovery of quartz stones with gold found in the Catalina Mountains:

"The maneuvers of a rat led N.H. Ingoldsby to the discovery of a rich gold mine In southern Arizona. He appropriately named the property the Rat Hole mine. Mr. Ingoldsby had been spending several months near Mammoth, on the San Pedro RIver, in Arizona. His purpose, says the Tombstone Prospector, was to enjoy the hunting and make a collection of the animals and minerals of the southwest. He pitched his tent in the canyon of the San Pedro in the Santa Catalina mountalns.

He had no neighbors and was for a long time unable to account for the disappearance of small articles that he left lying about his camp. At last he noticed that when anything was taken something was left In Its place. This was usually a bit of stone or wood. The culprit he found to be a large rodent of the species known as the trading rat. The habits of the animal made an Interesting study for Mr. Ingoldsby, and he often lay awake at night to watch for his visitor.

A silver spoon was missing one morning, and in Its place was a piece of
quartz carrying free gold
. This still more excited Mr. Ingoldsby's curiosity, and after several attempts he succeeded in following the animal to Its home. Near by was the ledge from which the gold bearing quartz had been taken. Mr. Ingoldsby made an examination thorough enough to prove that his dlscovery was of considerable value." 3

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I check gopher holes,snake holes,ground squirrels,ants, moles just any critter hole who has done my work of digging for me. Only holes I hate are highgrader holes :evil1: John

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I found nuggets in critters holes, beside and in dug holes in the past. So I check them all specially dry washer piles. I had open up pack rat nest before and was amazed at what they collect too... they are one of the desert recycler! :Just_Cuz_06:

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