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Arizona fire agate

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A couple of pics of some fire agate we have been finding. Come back with a gold pan full every time we go out there.




There is some good fire in quite a few of these pieces. Hard to see without cleaning them up. Will work on that :200:

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Thanks El D.

This is just all stuff we found lying on the ground. It only occurs on one low hill. Need to do some trenching across the hilltop and see if I can locate a seam. Good chance it has all eroded away and all that is left...is float. Don't know unless you try!

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That stuff is cool. I have been keeping an eye out for it here too. There's a bunch of bubbly looking stuff I find(chalcedony? I'm not sure...) but its just white or clear, it doesn't have the brassy, metallic fire on it. That's awesome you find a spot where it's abundant.

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