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Curious about black sand


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here in arizona fountain valley.There is some dry washes northeast of town that have alot of black sand with alot of gold flakes its really small stuff .it stays at the bottom when you pan it.Im wondering if its gold.

There is so much out there if anyone cares.by like pima and stagecoach

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there is not fake gold flakes that come in black sand ?


Yes the flakes could be pyrite, but then again it could be gold as well, if the flakes are big enough you could do a simple test to see if it's pyrite, use a sewing needle stick one of the flakes, if it breaks/crumbles it most likely pyrite, if it indents like it was a piece of lead, it could very well be gold.

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Always had terrible luck with the black sands left on the top layer at the creeks in the Wickenburg area. Three times I've filled a five gallon bucket, ran it through the gold cube, got no more than 4 specks from the first sample, none from the others. I then reran each sample separately through a Gold wheel and got nothing else. Takes a long time to run a five gallon bucket through a gold wheel scoop by scoop. I suspect the four little specks I found the first time around were contaminated, left over gold from a prior run from a different area with gold bearing sands.

On other trips, several times I've been upset to see the pieces I thought were gold crumble by crushing it with a knife, meaning it was pyrite.

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I run black sands in a small ball mill crusher, with mercury for a couple hours, then retort the mercury with pretty good results.

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you cant see real good with these pictures a poked a piece with a needle and it didnt crumble its

more like gold leaf I can smear it .the black sand is real magnetic :)






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