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Anyone out there have a favorite method of asking permission to detect an older private yard? I've tried several times and have always been politely turned down. There HAS to be some one out there who has a cute little line they use to get this type of permission......lol

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Clean person,clean vehicle,smile with a liability release in your hand with a specified % of their take and good to go. Thank politely if a no,leave a card and their yard POLITELY and get a call back(from the 50% or so) who refuse. I offer refrences from happy customers also,offer up retrieval of missing items,trace pipes in the yard etc etc. Sooner or later ya get a go,I keep a list and go back yearly. John

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Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah, I never go detecting anywhere without prior permission. Been shot at too many times in Alaska even when I HAD permission! Let me tell you......there are some absolutely crazy wanna be gold miners up there and its getting worse now with all these dramatized TV shows about people who think they can go to Alaska and do what ever they please.......when ever they please. I'll keep working on my approach and hopefully sooner than later I'll get lucky and be able to detect an old yard.

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Many people get permission to hunt a site BUT fail to get

the name and a phone number of the owners. Having that

name and number with me has saved a lot of long, drawn out

conversations with LEOs or other busybodies that know all

and stick their nose where it don't belong..........

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