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Using a Mortar and Pestle to Recover Gold From Specimens

Reno Chris

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Sometimes the gold you detect will be bound up in quartz and other rock materials. Here is a little you tube video I helped make a couple weeks ago on using a mortar and pestle to recover gold from specimen rock. Some specimens are really beautiful and more valuable as collector pieces, but some are more pedestrian, and not really valuable as mineral specimens. To get the gold out, these need to be crushed to recover the gold and this video shows how to do it cheaply and easily. Like I say in the video, I have owned a mortar and pestle for many decades.

I figure these mortar and pestle units are so common Bill must have them for sale, but I cant find them on the website. I also don't know how to insert You tube stuff as a video, so you can click on the link.

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but how does one put it in as a video which is ready to play.

Hit "share" on your youtube video. Copy the URL text, and then paste it directly into your post. Don't link it to anything. The forum software is programmed to automatically pick up the text of the URL and display it as a video. I'm pretty sure it will do the same for any Vimeo videos you may have also.

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Too slow for me. I use a 2' piece of 3" pipe,insert a capped 3' piece a pipe just big enough for a decent fit and much easier to use 2 hands,stand and then beat to a pulp,much faster,easier and more volume. For tiny lots of smalls m/p are great but to get your samples to that stage I like brute force and speed.John

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Built a Cup out of 3 inch pipe with 1/2 inch plate bottom. Us a stick of 2" steel rod three feet long as the Pounder. Works for me. Not Portable but for home it works.

I had a nice brass one but it took a walk.

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A good, old fashioned "dolly-pot" works well too.

I'm guessing Folger's#10 can for the pounding end( full of concrete)?

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