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Why not try a DD Coil for some luck

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Yep Dave she makes this bread two or three times a week and usually shares it with about three families and neighbors.

She doesn't use a mix you buy at the store but instead she makes it from scratch.

In fact since today is Sunday and she's at her lake house I went to the farmers market this AM and along with several other items I also bought a chunk of the cheese for this next week. I believe since I have nothing else to do I'll go to the truck and get my camera and give you a look at the cheese.



not good pics but that chunk of cheese is 5"x 2" and weighs 21.6 oz.

It's only dried milk that's been poured into a mold and set in the sun for days until it's almost dry. Now she uses a big grate to grate the cheese into almost a powder. Then she mixes it with another powder of ground corn. All this mixing is done in a huge bowl that was at one time a giant gourd that's been cut in half. Then it's spread out like biscuit doe and cut into round pieces with a drinking glass. Then she bakes it in the oven for about half an hour.

Pics later of the finished cheese bread. A good meal with strong coffee to start the day off finding gold with your DD coil. Especially if it's a 19" DD.

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darn Don...that sounds delicious :thumbsupanim

LOL...darn was not what I wrote....

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