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RIP Jerry Hobbs..


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Posted earlier by Walt Wegner on Facebook.

Walt Wegner

It is with great sadness that must let everyone know that Jerry Hobbs the
President of Public Lands for the People has passed away today in San Bernardino Ca. The small scale mining community has lost a relentless advocate for small scale mining and public land rights! I know from personal experience that Jerry spent every waking hour of the last 14 years that I have served with him fighting for the little guy. I have been blessed to have known this WARRIOR and the board will continue his work as best as he taught us! I am going to miss my friend and mentor. I love you Jerry Hobbs. we will meet again.

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Walt... Jerry was a True friend... as you know over the recent years friends

have loaded me and my wheelchair and all to a local GPAA gold show...

Jerry was one of them. Jerry gave his ALL in relentless efforts to keep our

public lands open for us. Could you post the PLP obituary on this thread;

I would but I do not know how... jim straight

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Here it is, Mr. Straight;

Tribute to Jerry Hobbs

It is with extreme sadness and regret that Public Lands for the People announced the passing of one of its founders, Jerry Hobbs. Jerry passed away peacefully in his sleep Dec. 28th, 2014, after six weeks of struggling with heart issues. He will be missed terribly by Public Lands for the People, the mining community and especially by his family and friends. The Board of Directors for Public Lands for the People pledged to continue to carry the torch in the fight for public lands and mining rights. They have always been committed to doing this, but they are now even more determined to do so in Jerry’s honor. In lieu of flowers, it was Jerry’s wish that people would join PLP; not only donating funds, but getting involved, volunteering to link arms in the cause that he gave his life represented.
Some men seem larger than life by their size, others by what they accomplish in life. Jerry was definitely the latter. He accomplished so much in his life for small scale miners, and especially for property rights and for freedom granted us by the Constitution, that any one tribute could not cover it all. Jerry was a mountain of a man when it came to fighting to keep our Public Lands rights, and he stood up to everyone no matter the odds, fighting for what he knew to be right, fair and just.
He was a visionary, seeing the onslaught of the environmentalist groups and government regulations long before anyone else hardly had an inkling of the threat to our freedom. He was rare in that he not only identified the threats, but acted proactively to thwart those threats by forming what is now known as Public Lands for the People, a 501-c3 non-profit organization that has been spearheading the fight to restore dredging rights in California over the last 5 years, as well as many other, lesser known battles (with many victories!).
Even while lying in his hospital bed, Jerry was more concerned about the affairs of PLP and the legal battles that are underway than his own welfare. Those of us that have known and worked with him over the years were not at all surprised with his dedication to his life’s work, right to the end. You see, these past many years he has dedicated his entire life, morning till night, to helping others. He would often do legal research for anyone that requested answers to public lands/ mining rights/ roads issues. When he wasn’t doing that, he was working on fundraising to keep PLP able to stay in the legal fights.
He always had a good sense of humor, except if you were on the wrong side of the issues, then, well, you just don’t cross a man on a mission!
Jerry Hobbs, we will miss you. Your legacy will continue in the capable hands and leadership of PLP. We will continue to build on the solid foundation you have laid. We will never give up my friend; for you, for our kids, and for their kids. We will continue to carry the freedom torch in your honor, the one you inspired to be lit in each one of us. You were a rare leader, a man among men; and in many ways, larger than life. We were blessed to be counted among your friends. You are missed. Good bye friend.

Ron Kliewer,
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Public Lands for the People

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For those of you who would like to join in the celebration of the life of Jerry Hobbs, we will be having a gathering at Keene Engineering this Saturday Jan 3rd at 12 noon. Bring pictures and stories if you have them. Food and drink will be provided by Public Lands for the People. All those who were planning on the San Fernando Valley GPAA outing at Benson gulch, it has been postponed. Hope too see many there!

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Ron and Walt.... Thank you for posting more about Jerry. My heart is heavy as I've lost another Dear friend....

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