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How cold is it?

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Eugenics, in another time, by another name.

Hitler was a fan.

Speaking of the global warming hoax, here is an interesting excerpt from


"At the heart of the hoax is a contempt for mankind and a belief that population worldwide should be reduced.

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Krill ... only Krill capsules ... don't do fish oil any more. Krill is so much better and smells a lot better too!

I compared bottles of both the Schiff Krill product and the Wild Salmon for both DHA and EPA. Taking a few grams daily or even less, I believe the SAlmon wins out in price, quality and quantity of active goodies..

IMO, Krill is nothing more than a hot marketing term. And it gave me a little heartburn. The wild Salmon, for me, is cleanly digested.

True dat if got the fishy burps then something is rotten in yor capsules :useless: Even had bad heartburn from rancid omega's. GAK :2mo5pow:

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