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Fireball Sighting?

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There is another thread on this topic.....those people who use the UFO reporting site for fireballs, it gets real interesting sometimes.


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I live in the Motherlode....I just saw what appeared to be a meteor.I have Never seen one so bright.... I was watching a movie and looked out my window facing West....it was large, and what looked different was it had color to it...Adam you mentioned green? The one I saw had green, it was brief and looked yellow green and bright. If anyone else saw it , or knows anything about it , let me know. Okey i checked out this site and appears someone else saw it....and she described it also as yellow and green...Gold river , and another siting at Angels camp....http://www.amsmeteors.org/members/fireball/browse_reports?report_status=pending

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I believe I saw the same fire ball. I was on the south slope of Mount Gram and driving north when I saw it. It came in a downward direction directly north of Safford AZ. I watched it come apart and disappear over the horizon.


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