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Pet. Wood and opal adventures

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Hi guys, just wanted to share some pics and info on my latest finds. It all started when I found a small patch of opalized wood. I didn't know what it was when I found it but the guys on the forum here helped me figure it out. I found a good bit of the whitish wood opal in that area. I started hiking around near there seeing what else was around. I found a lot of regular petrified and agatized wood. A couple of them were nice chunks probably ten pounds each with really nice agatized grain patterns and swirls in them. They were concave like the outer part of a log and on the bark side it looked like ponderosa. Then just a few days ago I found another patch of what I think is opalized/agatized wood. This looks a lot different than the first patch of white opal I found. I collected quite a bit of it, some good sized pieces too. It was also in little patches scattered on the flank of one hill, about a mile from the first wood opal I had found. A was talking to a friend of mine and telling him about my recent finds. He said he knew where some opal veins were about an hour away and he took me up there to collect some. It was some really neat looking stuff. Here are some pics of my different finds.

This is wood from the second batch I found


These are some chunks of opal I chiseled from the vein.


Here's one of the chunks of agatized wood


A piece of pink opal from the vein, I didn't have enough tools to chisel any of the good pink out. This piece was on the ground and dehydrated.


Some wood opal from the first batch with cool grain patterns


This is what the inside of the brown wood looks like, it has some awesome green in it.


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