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G'Day Everyone

What a year but I know a lot of you have also had that "one hell of a year". So I want to get in early because this year is Kat's year and she has her daughter and 2 little ankle biters arriving. So I wanted to wish this one hell of a family I have here on Nugget Shooters the very, very best holiday season. Enjoy your family and to those that party hard .... Party On!

And thank you Bill Southern for this great forum, not many have kept their forums on top with the advent of facebook, but you have. Just shows you are the man!

A little news, I'm about to become a Great Uncle again. I mean how many times can you be a great uncle? Anyway this one's due in 4 weeks. I'm really proud of my nephew. He graduated and is now in the Victorian Police Force working hard to keep Melbourne safe. With all of that, here's a picture of the next generation


He's still cookin' but 4 weeks to go

I wish you all the best for the holiday season. Please stay safe, enjoy your family and I hope that 2015 is going to be a spectacular year for each and every one of you.


Peace, Love and Happiness



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Right on post!

I join you wishing the vast Nugget Shooter family a wonderful Christmas and Joyous New Year. There are a lot of great folks around this electronic campfire as Mr. Jim Straight so often says. Yea smart, vocal, creative, and never dull nuggeteers all..... So best to all and thanks to those who post their adventures for all to enjoy.

And to Bill Southern, this is the best forum period! Thanks mucho and my best wishes to you and yours!

And Patrick, great job keeping Shep on the straight and narrow..... :ROFL::4chsmu1:


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**** Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas ****

I completely agree that this is the best forum out there and each and everyone of you is so dear to me.

Wishing you all the happiest times full of laughter, love, good health and great times!!

Here's some pictures of me & Johnno at my work Christmas party. And now my countdown till this evening when my daughter's flight arrives with my Christmas presents :: my sweet daughter Taryn and my 2 darling granddaughters, Alina and Aubrie ... :)

With love,




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