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Solar light for flagpole


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Someone asked about my solar flag pole light down at Q.

Sold by Deneve and sold thru Amazon for $49.99.

If’n you have a flagpole and don’t want to run the flag down every night, this is THE light to have. It powers all night and lights up a 15+’ area below it. Haven’t found anything that compares.

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What is that little thing on the ground in back of the camper? Looks like it would be so easy for a Toyota to have a midnight collision with. I hear there was one going bump in the night around Quartzite.

Old Tom :wee:

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Tommy, don't even think about it! Much more than that toilet ;-)

Steelpan, for the most part, I could usually line up a dish in less than 10 minutes, but sometimes I couldn't. This you put out, punch a couple buttons on your remote (while sipping on your beer), WALA! got Friday nite Comedy- Gold Rush; out in the desert! Had a couple of issues, but they were my wiring fault.

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