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What is Normal?


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Hope this does not get me in trouble but this is me.

What is Normal? Normal for some folks is being Controlled and Herded Like Sheep. Normal for others is A woman having her ass beet or Stoned as a Muslim. Normal for others is Bending over and doing what Everyone else likes. My Normal is Sleeping with my wife and Dogs staying warm in the winter time trying to keep the house warm and Eating the Best we can. My Normal is Messing with folks that try to Force me into there Normal.

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"Normal" is learned behavior. Mostly whats taught to us from our forefathers. It varies dramatically, from different cultures even micro cultures, like the difference between a country boy and a city slicker. Some people think its normal to pick berries out of elephant poop and who am I to say its not haha. I guess I believe that there's no such thing. Were all unique, even if we follow the status quo and tow the line, we still have behaviors and traditions that some people wouldnt understand. I doubt that its considered normal to stone or beat a muslim woman even in their culture, I would never condone such behavior but I doubt its a "Normal" scenario for them. I guess my answer is...im weird, deal with it! Haha.

Interesting discussion topic, curious to see other peoples answers.


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