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Im attempting to make my own maps for venturing off of club claims, I understand how to use the lr200 and such, im just wondering if the county recorders office is the only place that I can find actual accurate maps of claim locations. Its easy to find that there are claims in an area but not so easy to map their exact location. I more or less want to pront out topo maps and draw in the current claims to avoid accidental trespass. As you all know corner markers are not always easily visible and or existant haha.. Thanks in advance,


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It took me eight months to get the answers to what you're asking. A couple of important things. FIrst is it BLM land? In AZ check here: https://land.az.gov/ to the parcel viewer. If its not BLM land, or forest land you can't claim it. The two counties I deal with Yavpai and Maricopa are on line. Yavapia is by far easier to get the info: http://www.yavapai.us/recorder/recorded-documents-search/.

As far as maps, most claims are made on quarter quarter sections of a township and range, so you can get that off the map, but most are not maps like you're used to getting on google maps.

There is software available depending on where you are. Footprints is one program.

I need to check LR2000, county records, and land status to make sure a claim is valid. Once you get to know it, you'll find non-valid claims. An example is there's plenty of claims filed on state land that you. You determine land status from land.az.gov. The county will take your $10 to record a claim, and the BLM will take the $300 plus to file your claim, but that does not make it a valid claim. LR2000 is handy to find out when a claim has expired, but you need to go through both the county recorder and LR2000 to search for new ones.

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Clays new website has a cool Arizona claims section and gives you LR2000 info. Theres is a topic in the Gold Prospecting forum called "Prospectors research tools"that covers this.


Since you hunt Yavapai county, check out the Yavapai county assessors website. Thats the Yavapai link Chrisski provided. Its really good, you can search mining claims by section then look at the filing papers for each claim and see exactly where the claimant staked. They also have an interactive map that will display a satelite image with the Township, Range and Section overlay so its easy to identify where your interested in and get the Section info so you can plug that into their search and see how many claims are in that section and the paper work. Use that info to search LR2000 to find out if the claim is still active. This way your map is totally accurate and so is the status of the claim.

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I was just looking MylandMatters today--at a "notice of mining claim"- related to a search of a local geologist, now retired and the Atonement claim(s) in Yavapai, 12.5 mi NNW of RH.

- which included a topo of same with the claim outlined.

FOund recorder doc's going back over 35 years for one very busy guy..

I like it :yesss:


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Always dirty, thanks for the info, I've familiarized myself with the yavapai county recorders site and love it. My land matters is awesome as well. It's nice to find the info and maps from the comfort of home, ill be out several days this coming week, hopefully the research pays off haha. Thanks again


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