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Good times at the Q!


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Hey all:
Welp, just got in from 4 awesome days at the Q!
Was a great time meeting old friends and new ones.

Doc showed up with his new ride and his new bride :)

Sat night was the best. John Boyle celebrated his 84 birthday with us. Jane and her daughter cooked up a feast fit for a king.
Weather was really good except for Fri night..little bit of rain, but not too bad.

As for detecting I was in skunksville for the first 3 days and then boulderdash was kind enough to put my nose in a wash he was popping nuggets out of.

God bless him :)
I got three Today, Dad found a 1978 quarter for some reason everyone missed???? and Boulderdash got a bunch of nugs.

His is on the right, mine the left. Mine actually weighed out at a little over a ounce...I think his was around .005 grams.

ACK...srry..not up at the Q anymore...got to tell the truth :)

Great sunset on Fri night.

Really enjoyed talking with Lunk around the campfire.

Tom H.








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Thanks for the pics TomH. Sound like a good time was had by all, wish I could have been there but prior engagement kept me in town. Will be there for the LSD outing for sure. Pretty good looking gold, Congrats! :thumbsupanim

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Snake guards in December ? :nutty: Or were they being used to keep warm :idunno: Nice color guys ! :head:

Actually they are knee pad holder uppers :P

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