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Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

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On 9/20/2018 at 4:38 AM, Morlock said:

I'm going to try and find some nuclear pasta in the stores today. Sounds yummy.


That's good Morlock. Thanks for posting that. :)


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I'm kind of scratching my head after reading the article. This one says 

"Primary gold is produced under high pressures and temperatures deep below the Earth's surface and is mined"

Yet another article says gold was produced by the collusion of two neutron stars. 

Obviously there's a difference of opinion. Who's right or are they both right?


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Gold the element is created in the collusion of two neutron stars. No gold is created or produced within the earths gravity well.

A lot of this stuff has been known for quite a while but when the popular press tries to simplify the concepts for their readers they often mess up the real meaning.

To be clear - microbes do not create nuggets. Gold is not created in the earth. Some plants can contain some gold in their structure but no plants can be harvested to mine gold from the plant material.

There are probably a few other prospector myths I missed but the point is that when a writer doesn't understand the subject they are writing about they end up with invisible microbes crapping nuggets they created in the center of the earth. The story is based on real hard science discoveries but it loses all meaning when someone tries to make into something exciting enough to sell to an editor.

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Gold is created when you mix sweat with dirt and time.





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