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What do you think about this pan?


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So I went down to my claim today, chopped the ice off an old riverside hole ive been working and filled up a 10 inch pan with some un classified bank run.

The river was cold as hell, so i panned it pretty quick but this is what i got. about 20 colors or so.

Im wondering how good/bad this is, or if anyone wants to take a stab at what this might look like in dollars or cents per yard.



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Unless you just hit a lucky pan, 20 colors in one pan dug from the bank is very good :yesss: , not sure what that would come too for a ton of material, but it's definitely worth further attention, I would setup a highbanker and run as much as I could run and follow the line of gold, doing a test pan ever so often as I dug to keep on the gold line!!!

From looking at your photo, I'm seeing what looks more like 40 colors, which would make me more anxious too get to digging!!

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Pictures hard to tell but I think 20 colors in an unclassified pan sounds great. Do a five gallon bucket full of classified and let us know what you got. We may come give you a hand in that cold water so you dont get frostbite :4chsmu1:

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Yeah, I have a 2" highbanker sluice combo, also a seperate trommel with drop riffles, that thing is HEAVY. Ive used the proline dredge on this ground before, but the returns weren't that great. For about 4 hours, i only filled up a 1/8th inch of a 2 DWT vial. I think im probably blowing the fines out the back end....

I just built 2 classifier buckets, one with 3/8ths holes and one with 1/4 inch.

heres the gold from the dredging day

and here are the new buckets

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Z as soon as the weather gets warm I would throw that dredge back in there and do a bunch of different settings. What does your sluice have for matting? Slow the motor down a little. Adjust the tilt of your sluice. What size is your intake hose? Four hours didn't give you much time for adjustments that might be much better. I run a full six hours, two tanks of gas before I do any checking or changing adjustments. Also during that time I will move to a different spot two or three times. Good luck.

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Every time you set up it's a test.


Test pan every so often and work with your flow in the sluice.

(I try to watch for a cross hatch pattern on the surface of the sluice water flow.)

Material size matters, concentrate as best you can.

1/4 minus works well. :brows:

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