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Q Skunk Broken!


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I have been to the Q several times without finding a nugget. I went back this past Friday and missed again and again on Saturday.

Today I got a mostly gold specimen that totals 4.6g or 3dwt. It was down about 8-9 inches and I was using the 11 inch Commander with a 5000.

I'm cleaning some of the caliche off of it now so later I'll post another picture.




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WTG on the nugget :)
Guess Ill stay home, that was probably the last one.

70 hrs and counting
Tom H.

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Congrats! :thumbsupanim That is a great looking nugget and a great way to kick that skunk off your back.

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Thanks everyone.

Lu is ready to go back ... she just wants to get that GB Pro coil over a nugget!

We have to look at the weather for the end of the week.

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We were back there today near our same location and the skunk is on again! :) It's on until the next piece. I want to be like Boulder Dash ... multiple nuggets each day I go out!

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AH10 ... Not sure about the Keystone but Coors Banquet Beer certainly is ... gets all its power from those pure, cold Rocky Mountain waters! :) BD is certainly a gold gettin machine!

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