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Nothing on Pearl Harbor Day?


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Well I know about it. Born in 57 it was taught in school and we Paid Homage to the ones that died. Political correctness has ended that for sure now days. Well I still say the Japanese needed a third and forth bomb. Hell what they did to our POW's or just the Chines alone was enough for a few more bombs.

What Did we Do? LOL we handed over the Transistor and TV, Radio market to them. Jobs gone. Then we and the French gave them Nuclear Power plants that they Put one a Earth Quake zone on the Ocean Front. There Economy over the Years raised above ours and they was king of the hill for a spell. Now there back to hardly able feed them selves and looking for help. California is slowly being Eradiated and NBC, ABC, CBS have nothing to say about it. Hot Topics like the Ferguson riots are the buzz of the day.

Well I Remember!

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I woke up early this December 7th with sad remember of my dad learning that his son by his first marriage

making him my half-brother but due to a divorce... my dad had not seen him since the son was a infant...

However he was saddened to learn that his son by his first marriage was a marine at Pearl and was killed

there that morning now 73 years ago. jim

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