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Hi, new guy here, first post, long time lurker. I've wanted to give prospectjng a shot for along time, but living Wisconsin I don't have much of a chance to do that. But now the wife and I are retired and will be heading to Arizona with another couple for the month of January. We'll be staying in Lake Havasu area. From what I've found in some other posts in here most recommend joining a club to get started.

My ?.

Am I better off joining Havasu Gold Seekers club or the GPAA. I can't seem to find where the GPAA claims in Arizona are located and how far they are from Lake Havasu. Was hoping someone here could steer me in the right direction Thanks in advance for any advice.

Bill Southern, what's the best time to contact you about a possible detector purchase?

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Greetings Toby, The Havasu club is good but a bit costly initiation fee.

They do monthly "digs" and have get togethers.

And you would probably be able to meet someone that can show you the ropes locally.

The GPAA is also fine as you have claims in many states to pursue. The GPAA has a claims handbook they issue when joining that gives locations.

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If you are going to winter in Havasu area, join the Havasu Gold Seekers... They have a great club and good claims close to town ... Good people who will share with you ... Cheers, Unc

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