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Glenn M. was asking about old mines he could refer a friend to and I started googling ... That led me to search for info on the old Gold Bottom mine near Trona, Ca, (where I grew up) and that brought up the subject of the nearby Stockwell Mine which was owned by Mr. Ed Teagle whom I spent some time with as a kid..I think he bought the mine around 1904 ... I met Mr. Teagle when my buddy, Jamesy, and I drove out to the mine to look at his 1929 Buick ... The story of that car is interesting...

Mr. Teagle worked hard on the mine and it was producing a lot of gold ... Mr. Teagle had a girl friend in St. Louis and when he hit a particularly rich pocket, he sent a marriage proposal to her in 1929... She accepted and he bought her a train ticket from SL to Bakersfield, which was about 140 miles away ... He went to Bakersfield to greet her arrival and bought a brand new shiny Buick for their drive back to the mine ... It was a beautiful automobile and it even had two flower vases on the walls in which he put roses in to greet his love after her long trip from St. Louis ...They married as soon as she arrived and they drove back in grand style ...

When they arrived and he opened the door for her to first set foot on her new home, she slipped on the Buick's running board, fell and broke her hip... He was distraught and tried to care for her, but it wasn't working so he put her back in the Buick and raced to Bakersfield which was the closest city with a hospital ... It took her many months to heal enough to return to the mine ... When they arrived home, he opened the door for her to help her into the house ... As she stepped out she slipped on the running board, fell and broke her other hip!!!

So, they raced back to Bakersfield for a repeat of the previous healing events ... Again, after many months he brought her back to the mine...When they arrived, he picked her up out of the front seat and carried her into her new home ... From that moment on, Mr. Teagle never drove the Buick again and left it sitting where he had parked it in 1930 ...

It was still setting there in 1961 when Jamesy and I first saw it ... It was tattered and sun damaged after all those years in the desert, but Jamesy and Mr. Teagle reached a deal and Jamesy bought it on the spot ... Jamesy completely renovated the Buick so that it looked like the one pictured below ...

As a final note, the producers of The Untouchables TV show heard about it and offered Jamesy a good bit of money for it...Jamesy refused to sell. Cheers, Unc



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My buddy Jamesy was very much a daredevil and a little crazy, though one of the most intelligent and talented people I ever knew ... About 20 years ago, he was riding his Harley down a country road near Fresno's Millerton Lake and a teen age girl ran a stop sign and T-boned him, killing him instantly ... The Buick became victim to his love of tearing ass over the desert and he pretty much reversed his renovation, but several years later, he repeated the renovation and I think he sold it for a pretty good profit... Cheers, Unc

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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. My Grandmother, RIP at 100+, was raised there in Oildale as Bakersfield was then named. Lived her whole life off oil money .....Thanx for the story-John

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When I was going to college at Fresno State I used to fish the ponds below the Millerton Dam for catfish ... Caught a bunch and between jackrabbits and catfish and cheap cans of sauerkraut I lived pretty good for a starving student ... But I did graduate and went to work in my major (journalism) so it was a profitable four years ... But the catfish tasted like mud and no amount of soaking them in various substances could get the mud out ... Now, every time I'm near a muddy swamp when it rains, I start salivating!!! :droolin: Cheers, Unc

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