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Any Clubs in the "Table Mesa Rd Area north of Phoenix?"

Joe Z

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Hi All,

I live in New River Arizona at the I-17..... One exit #236 north of me is the "Table Mesa Rd" exit and was hoping there is a club that has any claims from the I-17 Over to the East side only of the Aqua Fria River and below the old mining town of Gillette?_________

I know there are GPAA Claims up near Rock Springs/ Black Canyon City near the pie store but would really like to work some of the areas at table mesa rd..... Much of that area is claimed and i just won't work anothers claim

I belong to the GPAA and all the Abby (Abbracadabbra) claims which i do like are on the west side of the Aqua Fria there but sometimes depending what vehicle i am driving and having my grandson with me a close hop from home would be a treat for both of us on this side of the Aqua Fria/ Table mesa rd area.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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Check your PMs...I sent you a map

Tom H.

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Very good map which i can now put a BLM overlay to it to be sure i'm not on state land

..... Thank you Tom

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I have the $20 family permit and the last time i read the fine print about seven years ago it said "No Prospecting" and i believe they can confiscate your equipment

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Prospecting is not allowed on state land with a $15 permit. It's been a while since I looked on the website, but prospecting permits through the state cost thousands of dollars for a small area, and that does not let you remove minerals only prospect for them. As difficult as everyone thinks the BLM is for mining, the state is magnitudes more difficult. You risk losing everything on you when prospecting on state land without the permits. The table mesa area and the lynx creek withdrawal area are the only places I've seen rangers, so my guess is there's an actual chance of getting caught in that area.

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I am so close to that area that i know a few of the Rangers. When you first enter that area off of I-17 the majority of the land for about the first two miles is state land and is pretty well marked. I have a google earth overlay and most of it after that is BLM and the ranger said fine on prospecting but to never take any relics 50 years or older (I believe he said 50 years)

Like you say "State Land" is a major No No.... I have the yearly permit just to play it safe while driving across it

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