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Gold Bug Pro Coils 10' die fast

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OOPS should be 10"-not '.I have numerous friends who have had at least a dozen coils die of this particuliar size,their favorite for use. Lousy 1 year warranity and always the same short inside. Unit sold with small coils so not the 2 year warranity. They have been troubled by Fisher attitude-you bought it and broke it ,even with miniscule usage. I've seen quite a few posts so,after 3 coils dying, bought a NEL coil to replace as better construction. Heads up as Los Banos quality seems to be history-John

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Sheesh, is the enamel coating that expensive? I would assume there's also some sort of conformal coat /soak to encapsulate the coils after they're wound? Maybe that process was rushed( or was not done.)

Maybe the windings weren't tight to begin with coupled with little or no conformal coating. Add a few bumps here and there and Fisher's net earnings increase.

Save on a little insulation/encapsulation and sell more coils. What a marketing concept!

Someone needs to congratulate Fisher on their innovative way to increase their margin.

Or make a better product and take market share.

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Fisher service out of Los Banos used to be #1 ... It was at least as good as White's ... Sounds like the Texas weather doesn't promote quality???? ... Cheers, Unc

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Any motion causes extreme static and no sounds from good targets. Wiggle box and coil contacts makes no difference but wiggle the coil and OUCH. Everyone I know with them, who uses them on a regular basis-over 6- have had this problem,avid folks 3 coils in less than 18 months,now switching to NEL coils. In the mail and will see how they last after 100+ hours of use,over $50 cheaper and utilizes graphite for stabilization.. Bummer is the larger coil goes deeper and is just as sensitive as smaller coils but failures in the field are bad-John

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