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Going with the grandkids

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Two of my grandkids 10 & 13 live just down the road and are involved in Trap & Sporting Clays. Been to a few of there shoots and they regularly shoot at home in the pasture. Got to thinking I would join them in the fun at home so started looking for a better shotgun than the 870 I have. While cruising the Montana guns Classified a 12ga. popped up.

It is a SKB 585 O/U Target w/ 30" ported barrels in the hard case with 5 extra Briley chokes. Never been fired. The guy used to shoot clays and got out of it and then deceided to get back into the sport so bought the shotgun years back but never got back into it so it just sat for years.

I was the 1st to call and had it in my hands within 1 1/2 hrs. Now as soon as I can get out of the shoulder sling and get my shoulder up to par I will enjoy more time with the grandkids. Oh by the way I gave $500.00 for the shotgun. :D


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Smokin deal on a nice shotty! I shoot sporting clays and skeet also. Use an 1187 I've had forever, and a really nice CZ redhead deluxe I got a smoking deal on a few years back. They're nothing like the Perazzis, Krieghoffs, or Blasers that the pros use, but what the hell, I have a blast anyways.

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