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tell me my green rock doesnt look like this one I have been searching and searching and this rock here is the only one that has all the same characteristics.what do you think ?show me a kind that looks more like it















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the two pictures with the little cube things are not mine and 1 of the pictures with a little round thing you cant tell me they dont look the same happy thanksgiving

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well there is alot of websites covering it you just type in mercury meteorite i found the picture google imaages.

It might be a really big deal maybe so i just want to sell it . before someone takes it from me i got no problem donating some to research it weighs atleast a hundred pounds

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I did a little research about this "Mercury" meteorite, it is still not 100% decided that it is from Mercury and may never be proven to be so.

Here's another photo and a link to it's story of being found and tested, etc., by the way, the green color of this "Mercury" meteorite is from chromian diopside, so you can have a sample of your's tested to see if it's test the same for having chromian diopside as part of it's makeup.

That's being said, the "Mercury" meteorite does show a fusion crust, which I don't see on your specimen, so your's may not be a meteorite, but could possibly have chromian diopside as part of it's makeup, or not as there are many other minerals that could contribute to it's green color.



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