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Best place to winter?

Caliche Chris

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I have a freind who has been wanting to go spend a few months somewhere until winter is over. I am just looking for suggestions as to where a decent place might be that stays somewhat warm throughout the winter. He lives in south western New Mexico but the elevation here is about 4000 so it still gets pretty cool here. The closer to New Mexico the better. He has a dolphin camper so a camper friendly place would be a plus too. Thanks

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Whoa,that's wild. I had that in my head as a spot I was going to suggest to him. I remember going there as a young kid and me and my brother were running around on the beach and I'm pretty sure it was in the middle of winter. I don't think it was swimming weather but it was still really nice. We even saw a big diamondback on the dunes by the beach. The snake was pretty lively too, I guess if snakes were still out and about it couldn't of been to cold there. Thanks Rim

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