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  • 4 weeks later...

WOW... Nice gold... Now all of you go out and find more... My Best Wishes... tailgate

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Here is a blast from the past. all found with a Fisher gold bug. virgin patch.

The weights are in grains. photo of photo. some were cleaned some weren't.



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Thanks guys.

Patch Paradise

My first few hours on another virgin patch (Az.)with a gold bug, got a little over 4 ozs. It was getting dark when we found it

and we knew we had a ways to walk through the cactus.

my partner found about the same amount. I came home and weighed them up and almost maxed out my 5 oz. scale.

The next day we came back and camped on it, there were so many nuggets I tossed my little nugget bottle and started filling my front pockets.

many of the nuggets wouldn't fit in the bottle anyway. the trash ratio was about 1 bullet or shell to every 8-10 nuggets.

we nick named it the three pound patch because thats what we found the first few days.

I was so tired the first day from digging holes I couldnt even hold onto my pick.

we started passing up the small ones and went back after them later.

after about a week people started noticing we were spending a lot of time up there

and it got kinda crowded so we left.

That was also when I started nite hunting.


I went back to it a few years later and found this one and a few smaller ones. It was about three or four inches deep at the upper end of the patch. I had a large coil on and It was so loud I had to stand back 2 or 3 feet with my Minelab 2100 trying to pin point it.
open holes all around it,apparently no one bothered to dig it thinking it was trash!
about 4.5 ozs.



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Rim on that patch I thought I died and gone to nugget heaven. :4chsmu1:

Here is another I think you''ll like.

Found in Nev. the largest nugget in the patch. 3.25 ozs. with a little quartz and a hole.

its sitting on a topo.



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Just have to rub it in with those monsters from nv don't you Bob. Lol dang nice nugget.

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Ok here is some more Az. Gold. :D

This was a semi-virgin patch. the old timers had worked it but no signs of detector holes,and you really had to look hard to see the dry wash piles.I wasnt sure until I dug into one small mound and saw the classified loose pebbles and stacked rocks underneath.

I had been hunting this spot for a few days and I was up to about two oz.s of smaller nuggets. half gram to about

4-5 dwts.Im hunting up the ridge and the nuggets crapped out! just stopped? so I jump on my bike and down the hill I go.

After a few days Im thinking why not hit it again. I may have missed a few. So I get up there and Im not finding nothing.

So I go up higher and about to give up and I get this light signal over the end of a small boulder imbedded in the ground. Hot rock? I dig under the end of it

and out pops this nice 2 ozer down about 8". Im stoked I jumped on my bike and headed home. A few days later Im thinkin lets hit it again. I get back up there

and I start right where I found the two ozer. up about another 30'feet I get this real light signal, it was so light I re-checked my ground balance, I was running fixed/ all metal

and had everything else cranked.14"coil on a gold bug.

dug some more dirt off and I was sure, there was something there. the signal was wide, maybe two feet.I dug some more and widened out the hole

stuck my coil in the hole again. Oh ya I knew, and it was big.Im down almost two feet and as Im digging I notice this dirt clod that keeps rollimg back into the hole.

I reach in with my hand to toss this pesky dirt clod and I felt the weight and stopped, I think my heart stopped too.as I rubbed away the clay I see GOLD!

Oh ya 7.78 ozs.of it. almost a pound in a week.


Here is a photo of me celebrating my find on my way home that day and using it for a paperweight at the local watering hole.the bar tender washed it off and photographed it for me.

That's what I call service.

They are out there.



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That bar shot is a classic, Bob!!!! Hope you have it framed and hanging on a wall somewhere!!! WTG ... Cheers, Uncle Ron

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Almost a pound ... for sure a great time on the hill ... congrats! I'm not much of a bar fly but you can bet if I found something that big I may just have to stop and throw one back ... Again congrats!

BTW ... can I follow you around? LOL!

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Sure Mike you can come along but you may want to go ahead of me, no tailgaters. :) but seriousy usually when I hunt with a friend we split up and spread out to cover more ground and stop the interference on the detectors.

and of course no splitsies <-new word, you keep what you find and I keep what I find.


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Thanks guys

Ron I have it in a colage framed on the wall along with a lot of other nugget photo's.

That day brings back a lot great memories.

AzBB After watching your video's, your covering a lot of ground and thats what it takes.
I think it's only a matter of time before you get your coil over some gold and hopefully a patch.
just be carefull not to drive over any. been there done that more than once.
As a matter of fact Ive found four or five smaller patches that crossed a dirt road and not always in a wash.

H-2 Charlie
Unfortunately you dont find patches every day. I spent years hunting them down
but when you do find one,it sure makes up for the lean times when your only finding
one or two nuggets now and then hunting old patches or looking for new ones,
and all the fun is always a plus.
If you guys want to see more, Ive got more patches and the stories and photos behind finding them.


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