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The skunk is finally dead and my Gold Monster has finally proven itself!  What's weird is that I had 7 pieces last night when I put them on the scale. I gently swished them around and let them soak fo

Here's a macro shot of one I found a few months back.  TomH did a good job of capturing the details.  Enjoy !! Luke

Nice lil’ 3.5 grammar found at gold basin last week....along with some recirculating finds and 10 other monster nuggets 😁

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Hey Shep,

Some are for showing, some are not.....they just not pretty enough :) but here is few for showing. Have a great time out int he desert.


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I think there are more. That one patch so far has given up 19 grams. One was 1.3 gr and the rest were smaller than .5gr.

I talk to a guy Sat. (DBY) that has a tractor and disc so maybe in a month or two I'll get the patch turned over. It's about

200 yards X 300 yards and low and slow beeping.

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ARG!!!!>..................I got to get out. !


nice load of yellow stuff :)

GL to ya...go get it...
Tom H.

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My biggest along with a double eagle also found...not at the same time though.post-413-0-49007600-1420835282_thumb.jpg

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Here is the sunbaker I found in situ (in the position where I found it). I was so excited that I didn't take a picture with a reference dime. There is 1.5 ounces of gold in it.


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90403 with that kind of luck why do you bother with a metal detector. WOW!


I had the 8" Commander on and I would have missed it without detecting it. I was 'looking' for meteorites at the time.


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