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Prospecting on the Rokon


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Cool video :)
I think I would be eating a bottle of ibuprofen after a ride like that!

At 3:27 with the steep ledge couldn't you get off and walk/throttle it up the ledge?

Your diffidently getting back in there for sure. Try hitting some of that exposed bedrock you were driving over.

GL next time.

Tom H.

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Great video AZB. You sure know how to feed my Rokon fever! Is it possible to air down the tires for a little smoother ride?

I believe Adam or Bolder Dash will pay you for the info on the location of that wash with all the bedrock showing! :black_knight_standing:

With this video you have added another chapter on how to have more fun while prospecting. :thumbsupanim Looking forward to more! Thanks.

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Great video...if you want enough power for whatever is in front of you, graft in a Chinese 125 or 130 knockoff of the Honda 110. I've also heard the "predator" is a good option... This forum here, is a wealth of information http://forums.delphiforums.com/n/main.asp?webtag=rokon&nav=messages&prettyurl=%2Frokon%2Fmessages&gid=1873971504 The only problem with going too steep, is getting back down without doing an endo...sliding down sideways is what I usually do... I'll be bringing mine down when I move. My front miter box is almost as noisy as yours...maybe you can help break me in on the ways of the desert... I posted a old pic of mine when I first started building it in the ATV section...

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I'd like to have one of these, but not sure what kind of shocks they have. It talks about so much travel for front and back but they got everything covered up. But too much money. Just don't see $2700 there.


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Glad you guys enjoyed the video. After a few minor setbacks the last couple weeks, it was good to finally get out and hit my prospecting areas. :yesss:

Tom... ibuprofen is my friend. I eat that stuff like candy. I did hop off and try to push it up the ledge... that was a no go as evidenced by my cussing... just too steep and loose. That's the downfall of riding alone, nobody to help push.

Garimpo... now that I've somewhat mastered my camera and video editing software, look for more videos in the future. Gotta love the AZ back country. It has a beauty all it's own, especially when you can get back into areas few people have been.

BD... I don't whip out the machete or clippers unless it's really super thick. Usually I just blow through it. I was wearing earbuds in case you didn't notice. I'll wear my headphones when the temps get below 30°.

Middlefork... I'm thinking about upgrading to the Honda GX200 from NR racing just for more throttle response if anything. I don't trust the Chinese crap. It's really not a power issue anyways. Really steep hills and ledges are going to stop you in your tracks whether you have 6hp or 20hp. Gravity can be a bitch!

Relichunter... no way in hell I'd ever even consider taking a quad where I take the Rokon... unless you have a death wish.

Rimshot... that's a scooter in the picture you posted. They're not made for any heavy duty type trail riding. Give me 5 minutes on that thing, and it would be in a million pieces.

Man that looks like fun!

That's what it's all about... :thumbsupanim

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