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Very short response time, and you must send a letter to each effected party and the court itself. It can be no more than 10 pages, lets stop the depublish drive by Kamela Harris and the corrupt state officials. Make sure you put the case number

People vs Rinehart


Supreme Court of California

350 McAllister Street

San Francisco CA 94102-4797

Clerk, Court of Appeal of the State of California

Third Appeallate District

Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building

914 Capitol Mall, 4th floor

Sacramento Ca 95814

Clerk, Plumas County Superior Court

Main Courthouse

520 Main Street St, room 404

Qunicy Ca 95971

Matthew K Carr

Plumas County District Attorney' Office

520 Main St, room 404

Quincy Ca 95971

James L Buchal

Murphy and Buchal LLP

3425 SE Yamhill suite 100

Portalnd, OR 97214

Johnathan Wood

Pacific Legal Foundation

930 G St

Sacramento Ca 95814

Lynne R Staxton

Saxton and Associates

912 Cole St, Suite 140

San Francisco Ca 94117

Johnathan Edwards

Center for Biological Diversity

351 California St, Suite suite 600

San Franciso Ca 94104

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This is what the Attorney General of the State of California thinks and wants to depublish:


When I read the Introduction/Background of the depublication request I was struck by a glaring 'fact' that was presented by the Attorney General. It states:

Suction dredge mining is a way to recover gold that was placed in waterways by the 19th Century's now-antiquated and highly destructive practice of hydraulic mining.

This is a false statement, meant to inflame the court and other readers.

Please send your letters as requested above no matter what state you are from. It will help us not have to fight this again and again and again.

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An additional note:

The Supreme Court must receive our letters by November 27. Send that one express mail, 1 day on Monday or Tuesday.

All other letters can be mailed.

We can't 'vote' on this but we can send letters to the court in California.

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