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out of curiosity

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if you had to pick one of these to be a meteorite that didnt freshly fall wich one would it be ?maybe you can explain.

and can you tell me what the rock with the pink dots might be or the green mixed ones what they are ? thanx.

remember your not saying its a meteorite just what looks closest to one and why :)












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holey poophole :ROFL: that there is humbling stuff. that just changed my whole perspective on things.

is basalt magnetic and is it common for basalt where there were no volcanos lateley.I spose it must be common seeing as how there is so much around here.you didnt tell me wich one you would pick if you had to pick one :)

now i got more information too work with

.you saved me from being a dumb rock collecter :nutty:

.I almost was one all the way .nothing i can find can compare to that stuff .im still thinking if I believe that stuff happened all the way natural yet.and im thinking thats where the pyramid blocks might have come from because they seem connected somehow.[like maybe spacemen or god made that happen to supply pyramid builders with block]eh? seeing as how god made water errupt out of a rock why not columns of blocks like out of a playdo barbershop set.I was already thinking we didnt make all that stuff on our own .did those basalt columns happen close to pyramids?even if they didnt.its ok would make more sense to make blocks happen where the bathsalts are from


why wasnt i made aware of these bathsalt columns before :tisk-tisk: ? .I dont think enough people appreciate them enough .kind of like the band "april wine" :thumbsupanim

Ive heard of learning something new every day but a whole new insight of perspective doesnt come around often

thank you very much.as far as my squares i dont think they came from there that doesnt happen here in phoenix.

I am a firm believer the world is always turning itself inside out .and new stuff is surfacing all the time.

thats why when people think they know anything for fact. well then I do believe they are not so smart [as far as certain rocks only come from here and dont come from there] :2mo5pow:

only the seeing eye and god know everything

[maybe god is the seeing eye :200: .eh?

]well thanx for that link you posted " Homefire" i dig it :yesss:

1 more thing i dont get there was peridot in basalt i though peridot was from space

i am not sure if the phrase " insight of perspective" makes sense :idunno: but it sounds good :4chsmu1:





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i did see that from weaver hillbilly butt....have you went to google images and looked up basalt columns ????its like unreal that devils tiles must have come from one of those column places like these

is my new avatar too vulgar ?



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You should be reading, Nugget Shooters USA , Face book page, lots of posts on rocks that are fantastic digs.

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These are the exact opposite of meteorite stones. Essentially, the most common stones that you will find in Arizona and, of which, are commonly found throughout the entire western US. These should be slightly magnetic as basalt contains iron. Basalt rock commonly filled with vesicles (bubbles), is found everywhere.

Pitch 'em.


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Many times the location of the vent is unknown. Basalt can just flow out of the surface of the ground and flood over many square miles. Or the rock can be transported hundreds if not thousands of miles away from any noticeable vent.

and is it common for basalt where there were no volcanos

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those rocks i never even got them and didnt think they were meteorites.[or i would have got them ]i was just using them as visual examples

because I have been trying to gleen some knowledge off my friends here.without sitting next to them looking at meteorites together.It was the only way to go about it.if you read what i wrote you would know that . the title to my post didnt even ask to have meteorites identified. i was merley asking a question too produce an answer that i can work with in my quest for knowledge.I suppose subconciousley I was hoping someone would tell me one was a meteorite so i can go back down there and retrieve it from where it sits.I thought that smarter then dragging home rocks without knowing their idenity carrying them so far that i start feeling protective over there authenticity

and piling up a bunch of straight up rocks at home, too make me look quacky. this technique i have adapted to my life from what i have put together around here in the short time ive been here.Im sure you can find somebody else to douse with your negativity because you have no life someone who is asking for conformation on what they already believe to be meteorites.as i become smarter about this topic I find I can look at both sides objectiveley what i see is not flowing well at all [see if i cant break this down since i get carried away sometimes]I see curious minded people wanting to credit themselves with finding meteorites and dedicating a good amount of time researching them as well as they can.wich with the internet turns out to be a very large amount of pictures and facts ,alot of hours studying every bit of info too be found vie the web.now anyone researching something this much can only start too feel smart about the subject.its human nature..utilizing the knowledge we have picked up online when we are out in the field. we are amazed at how easy it is to find the exact same meteorites as the ones in the pictures we studied at the official websites including nasa.what we find passes all the tests and are identical to the ones in the pictures.feeling pretty sure we got the same ones and having no where too take them whatsoever in phx az .we humbly come here to discuss the matter with those who know. only to imediatley get shut down without even a proper inspection of these things . by people who claim to know everything about meteorites. thats impossible to put too the test by way of photos that cant even show clear picture of the abomnable snowman.yet these braineyaks can guarantee they are not meteorites [guarantee] not from photograghs that you can bareley discern the exact shapes of the little guys.if we are soo wrong about what we learned it is by no means not the fault of ourselves for trusting in the websites we studied from and if any aggravation gets dealt it needs to be in their direction for creating us false profitds.and us the victums here deserve to be told about the invalidity about stuff on the websites.so that our egos may stay intact wich we absolutely deserve them too be.furthermore us so called quacks with their honestly earned trophys didnt just pick up rocks and get mad or hurt about you denying that they might be meteorites.granted some of you may reign supreme when it comes to fusion crusts of the freshly fallen I will give you that.butt Im thinking that maybe since anything not fresh is outside your box that may be limiting yourselves to merely the tiny layer of fusion crust frosted over these newbee-erites that have come into our solar system in a small amount of the time this world has been collecting the original space rocks from wich our earth is made if you think about it the important discoverys are those wich lie within the crust not merely the burned up outter layer im thinking sure you all may no about the outter coatings. butt us quacks we happen too know what they look like under neath those fusion crust and how they looks after being in the elements a long time and how they look on the ground out in the field and under magnification lol. we are the book and you are the cover...is that speach hilarious or what i crack myself up.for some blonde chick who came hear in search of advice i sure complained a bit right there about it when you gave it.you all have excepted me and my unexceptable way of writing and all butt afew[the few who gave answers i didnt like ]have been really great i just needed adjust my ego by writing out that great speech in such a commendable manner in my head said such knowledgable words that kind of went together.if i spent half the time trying to do periods and comma things.as i do trying too use big words.like im trying to walk before i can even crawl in such a flighty manner i realize the big fat F i deserve i do feel like i round itall out with seeming smart enough.I spose i like seeing how fast i can poke out all the wordsreal fast all this stuff im thinking in a humorous way.sometimes im really not sure if i am real smart or real dumb i do know i am real flighty and cheerfull..as if any of my rambling has anything to do with anything .its really great to be able to type out my thoughts,badly written as they are :)im done ill come back and try and clean this up later im just getten it out now as is and i feel typed all out thanx

i dont know the moral of this story because its not a story actually

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