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Got to go out with the Whites reps last Thursday. I took them to three different sites that have produced

a lot of gold in the past. While Steve was taking readings of the different soils here for the Whites

engineers back home the other guy Dan was testing different coin machines. The local multi-line dealer

here was testing a GMT.

The first patch we went to was an old push a 1/4 mile wide and 1/2 mile long. It's been pushed and

re-pushed for twenty years or better. In less than an hour the GMT found a piece of wire gold. I didn't

think anything was left to find.

Our next spot was a push a 1/4 mile away from the first one that I call "red dirt hell". Hottest ground

I've ever seen. No gold was found but Steve got some readings that he couldn't believe. He had

never seen dirt that hot.

Our next push was a large hole that I've been beeping recently with my 25" mono checking for

deep big nuggets, didn't find any. The go to machine here for small nuggets is a Fisher gold bug.

And several people have beat that push to death. One guy has been finding small nuggets and

digging a hole about 8' deep in the middle of the big hole. The GMT guy was beeping about 20'

for that hole when he got a hot rock that sounded really loud. Then I turned my pic upside down

and beat the hot rock with a large piece of quartz. Inside was a very small piece of gold. It would

not register on any of the coin machines and possibly didn't on any of the Gold Bugs. It was loud

and clear on the GMT.

So now Wanderlei the local detector dealer here is now the Whites Distributor for all of Brazil.

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I like the Whites GMT...yes it's under rated. One thing they should have added was a iron disc, would have sold more units if it had the option of eliminating small trash targets like the Tesoro Lobo and Gold Bug.

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Love my GMT and have found a buttload of gold with it ... It's a good coin, etc., machine too and gives good target ID once you take the time to learn what it's telling you .... Mine was new 14 years ago and it's getting just a bit bruised about the head and ears ... Prob. need to send it to Whites for a tuneup, clean up ... I also have an old Garrett Ground Hog that need battery doors and a new shaft ... Cheers, Unc

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