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Finds from the Nuggetshooter Outing

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I would have to file down the edge of one for a look. The 3rd rock I don't have because it was mailed in for the assay. The 3rd one was slightly over 1 ounce and when the corner taken off, only 1 ounce. This was years ago, where I used to live, only one window in my room on the east side, so light wasn't all that good. The sample for assay I mailed in without doing any more inspection.

Someone probably found them in the desert and after learning what they found, took them along the next trip dumping everything off there. The detector was the old primitive type, it would take a pile of them to make it beep. Actually, may have been the kind made for relics, they had a type detector back then which couldn't detect a coin sized object, had to be larger or longer.

I'll have to make a window on it, see what it looks like. How large does a piece of sulfide ore have to be to weigh 1 ounce on a postage scales? Both rocks together are right on the line for 2 ounces. You're looking roughly at about US 1 quarter sized specimens.

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