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Uncle Ron

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This polar express is pretty hard to take!!! Plunged down to 73 in Wickenburg and that's gonna be the high!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cheers, Unc

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Gets me outside Ron. Don't be a wimp, brave the cold and join me. Those nuggies don't dig down so fast when the weather is frosty.

Old Tom

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I was in Fort Mohave yesterday and after 14 yrs of having the place some stole about 45 gals of my propane and tried to pry the door .

The whole trip turned into work and no prospecting . 151 was on a dry trip .

Next trip there I'm hitting the area out behind Topack marsh .

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Well guys it's colder here in San Antonio Tx. than a well diggers butt with a strong wind. This is our first true cold weather we've had but yet it could be in the 80's around Christmas.

In the winter nuggets work their way to the top of the ground. They are just like us in that they want to stay warm and they know the best place would be in our pocket. Now this window is open only for a short time. So only thing I can say to a true nugget hunter like Uncle Ron is get out there.

The best to all!

Chuck Anders

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In Winnemucca to do some Rye Patch area prospecting - it snowed last night.

On the other hand, while you all were roasting in the summer, hiding from the gold in your air conditioned homes - we were out enjoying beautiful weather and finding gold.

Now its our turn to seek shelter and warmth.

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