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found this in the peruvian desert. It is slightly attracted to a rare earth magnet, and doesnt streak on porcelain (or very little whitish/clear streak) Im afraid its some kind of volcanic rock thats found in the andes, but it DOES attract to a magnet, just not very strong.




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it WAS found in one of the driest places on earth ;) The preservation was remarkable for the area that i was hunting. The weird part is the rock has the indents only on one side, and the other side it looks like its been broken off from another chunk

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Without seeing the inside, It is hard to tell, but the exterior markings to me, look more like

the scalloped surface of a ventifact, than the regmaglypted surface of a meteorite, especially

since the surface is so glossy. Without a window, it's just an opinion.............

Good Hunting, Ben

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looks like wind eroded(ventifact) of

Obsidian(volcanic glass)

based on color and the conchoidal fractures ( glass like breaks)over the surface.. ALso the lustre of the stone

THe streak test probably scratched the porcelain instead of the sample.

Magnetite or hematite included in the obsidian make it slightly magnetic.

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