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A little color from NM

Caliche Chris

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I have been digging in one of my favorite spots lately. There is decent gold there, but it's also the wash where I've found my biggest pieces. I am not posting any pictures of the dig because I don't want anyone else to find it. The gold district here is pretty small, it's not hard to pin point someone's spot by the pictures. I didn't count my buckets this time I just shoveled like a mad man. I made a monstrous tailing pile though, probably about 4 yards of dirt got processed. Here are some pics of the table after running all my cons from the whole dig and the end result in the pan. Any guesses on what the yellow and orange stuff is? There is tons of it in this wash, and it's really heavy, always gets caught in the riffles. Some of the Orange ones are tiny terminated crystals. But the yellow is just chunks usually. I've not found any veins any where in these hills that have that stuff in them. I'm hoping it's not from a uranium deposit, because I've been playing with and touching that stuff for the last couple years of working that spot. post-26514-0-75099600-1415669968_thumb.jpost-26514-0-60705500-1415670019_thumb.jpost-26514-0-12457400-1415670069_thumb.jpost-26514-0-98998200-1415670131_thumb.jpost-26514-0-96787800-1415670170_thumb.j

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Whoa that is cool, I hope they are garnets. I save my cons so I have a bunch of those orange and yellow things but they are all tiny. There is so much trash and lead in that wash. It took me only about 10 minutes to get it all panned down to mostly gold. Then another hour and a half using a pocket knife to pull out every little tiny piece of lead and garnet that wouldn't pan out. Found a couple tiny pieces of "fresh gold" still trapped in hematite ore and all jagged looking. There is a huge vein right on the hill next to this wash. I have seen a few guys detecting up there. I'm gonna have to go try it out. I like detecting around veins or a patch of bedrock because it helps me focus on one area. When I just pick a spot on a hill or something I feel like I wander too much and miss a lot of ground with the coil. I hardly ever detect, usually I'll do it once a month or so and then say "forget this, I need to dry wash." Not sure if any of you have detected the hillsboro area before but I had a friend who has been to lots of districts in New Mexico, and a few in AZ, and Ca Tell me hillsboro was by far the hottest, noisiest ground he'd ever detected with a vlf.

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One cannot tell by your images what the "yellow chuncks" are but my guess is Chalcopyrite. I suspect you are working the Placer Creek area, where I have one placer claim, since there's only two decent placer areas in the state. I cannot tell by the images, but I suspect you are also getting Hematite and Pyrite: if so, I know where you claim is. :-)

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