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this stone very magnetic but don't have crust

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Vesicles in first photo, not a meteorite.

There are lots of rocks on the Earth that are attracted to a magnet, 99.999% are not meteorites.

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In your photos, I can see what looks like quartz. Not a meteorite. And like mike says, there

are vesicles, or maybe pseudomorph type holes where replacement minerals weathered out.

Either way, not a meteorite. I have just returned from a meteorite hunting trip where I found some

actual meteorites. BUT.......in order to do that, I also found a lot of terrestrial "hot rocks" that have

high iron content, with many of them having a stronger attraction to a magnet than the ACTUAL

meteorites. I think it would be greatly beneficial for you to audit a Geology class at your local

community college.

Good hunting, Ben

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